searching help

Use AND, OR, and NOT to create a "search sentence."
For example, flower AND spring will return results that have both "flower" and "spring" within the product name or description. Actually, flower spring will return the same -- all keywords listed without OR, and NOT are required by default. As another example, flower NOT spring will return all results that have "flower," but don't have "spring." Finally, flower OR spring will return all results that have either "flower" or "spring."

 AND, OR, and NOT are case sensitive - they MUST be uppercase.
You can use +, ~ and - as shorthand for AND, OR, and NOT.

Use quotation marks to search for phrases.
For example, "pink posy" will return one product, called "Pink Posy."

Use parentheses for complex search sentences.
For example, spring AND flower OR candy will return all products with "candy" and all results with "spring" and "flower." In this case, the search runs first on "spring AND flower," then looks for "candy." You can use parentheses to be more specific, such as spring AND (flower OR candy). This will then look for flowers or candy that also have the word "spring."